Common versus shared interests? (009-Q1-Robert)

Robert asks, “Bob, you talk about shared interests. How is that different than common interests?”

Answer (From Podcast Episode 009):

A common interest is one we have with a lot of people. For example, most people enjoy watching movies. I have that in common, then, with almost everyone I meet. But when I go to a movie, I share that experience with my spouse. I could go to a movie with my friend, but my wife does not smell as bad. Plus, she and I can talk about the movie for the rest of our lives (as long as it was Star Wars).

Now, why don’t I say “shared experiences?”

Here’s why…

My wife and I went skydiving once; that was a shared experience. A shared interest is one we can do together regularly, hopefully for the rest of our lives—assuming we really enjoy it.

Thanks for the question, Robert.

Common versus shared interests (highlight video)

Common versus shared interests
Shared interests and experiences are far from common.

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