First lesson as newly married man? (008-Q1-Dennis)

Dennis asks, “Bob, what do you recall being the first lesson you learned as a newly married man?”

Answer (From Podcast Episode 008):

Dennis, thanks for asking. I haven’t thought about this for over twenty years, so it’s helpful to go back in time to recall my early days as a married man. It was well before I was wise, that’s for sure. I still thought I was smart though. Let me remember back.

Okay, I’ve got it. The first lesson I learned was that being happily married is wonderful. Everything was so new to us both. We had so many hopes and dreams. We’d yet to buy a house, have a dog, have kids, but we looked forward to it. We had jobs and very few expenses, so we could live freely. Our marriage was so fresh and flawless. Never any problems, not that I can recall. Mainly, I recall living in total bliss. This is important as a lesson, but it’s only occurring to me now.

Again, the lesson is that being happily married is wonderful. And so never forget that happiness, and strive to keep it, and if you wake up ten or twenty or thirty years down the road and that level of happiness feels lost, pull your head out of your butt and get it back again. You had it before. So you know it’s possible. There’s no reason you can’t regenerate it.

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