Give wife flowers once a month? (002-Q2-Neil)

Neil says, “I’ve decided to give my wife flowers at least once per month, for no particular reason. Bob, can you foresee any issues with this? I’m trying to make her feel like a cut above the rest.”

Answer (From Podcast Episode 002):

Neil, I think you’re right on the money. I’m guessing you will not continue this for the rest of your married life, but you might. And either way, your intentions are golden. You can’t go wrong by trying.

Would I buy flowers every month for my wife? No. But that’s just because she has told me before that she doesn’t feel flowers give her much of a thrill. Okay, so I’ve used that to be lazy, because, probably, she would love them.

If money isn’t an issue (and flowers do get expensive), then I say go for it. In fact, if you can set up a standing order for flowers to be delivered, it’s hardly any effort at all. I might actually look into that myself.

I know one thing, when women see flowers delivered to another woman by their husbands, they think it’s a nice gesture. I’d even venture to say that there might be, or often is, some level of jealousy about it. But if you’re the first guy to give his wife a standing order of flowers, delivered to her every month, then, man, you’re the hero.

She may or may not want them delivered to her work, but I don’t know that it would hurt you either way. I guess delivering them to her at home would be more in line with proper intentions. You’re not trying to impress others, I’m assuming, you’re only trying to show your wife you love her. So, I’d say keep the flowers at home. Let her feel special without the pressure of other women feeling left out. Because women are really sensitive to not wanting to cause other women (especially their co-workers, friends, or peers) discomfort. So overall, Neil, you’ve got the green light from me. No questions about it. Thank you for being a Wise Married Man. You’re carrying the torch for us, buddy.

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