Hardest period of marriage? (011-Q2-Brad)

Brad asks, “When is the hardest period of marriage? I’ve been married 4 years, and it’s pretty tough already. We have two kids and we’re in our twenties. Wondering if it gets better or worse. Thanks.”

Answer (From Podcast Episode 011):

Brad, everyone’s situation is a bit different. However, I will say kids add both joy and stress to your marriage. Focus on the joy, because the stress can be managed.

You’re possibly getting used to managing a household, including finances, childcare, responsibilities. To help make sure it gets better not worse, focus on your marriage, focus on making sure your wife knows you love her, focus on trying to work hard, focus on making decisions together.

Your own mindset makes a huge difference. Keep things in perspective. You say it’s already pretty tough. Well, I’d say living under a bridge is tough, probably your situation isn’t that bad. You have a lot of great things to be thankful for, keep your focus on that.

Thanks for asking, Brad.

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