No longer attracted to wife? (004-Q3-Glen)

Glen says, “I’m not attracted to my wife anymore. She’s changed a lot over the years. Mainly, she’s gained weight and looks frumpy.”

Answer (From Podcast Episode 004):

Glen, what can I say to ease your mind? Attractiveness fades as we age, and body chemistry changes. You’ll only be able to do so much to defy the natural effects of aging. I’m guessing you can deal with that, as long as your wife tries to keep herself attractive.

As for weight gain, the best advice I have is to focus on healthful living, and to do things together that help keep any excess weight from taking control. You want your wife to be healthy. You want yourself to be healthy. Attractiveness comes mainly from attitude and happiness. Happiness is very attractive. A smile is attractive. Help your wife smile more. Help your wife stay healthy.

Beyond that, you may need to look within yourself and ask yourself if you’re viewing your wife correctly. She is more than just her physical appearance. She has a heart. Look at that. Make sure she is shining as beautifully as possible from the inside out. You have a lot of influence over that.

Help your wife, Glen, don’t simply judge her. Nobody stays in their physical prime forever. The Wise Married Man accepts that truth.

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