Resent your wife over money? (007-Q2-Luke)

Luke writes, “My wife thinks she’s smarter than me when it comes to money. Maybe she’s right, but I resent being told what I can buy and what I can’t. I have a job. What would you suggest I tell her?”

Answer (From Podcast Episode 007):

Luke. I’d tell her that smart couples work together with their money. It’s a partnership. I greatly admire Dave Ramsey because he helps guide couples to working together effectively on their money. He encourages couples to sit down together and create a monthly budget. This actually works well. My wife and I follow his program.

The main value is that it helps couples talk about and focus on shared goals. But the reason I think it works for married couples is because the plan of attack is according to Dave Ramsey’s step-by-step method. It’s not your way. It’s not your wife’s way.

If your wife thinks she’s smarter than you, and you resent it, or visa versa, using Dave Ramsey’s plan eliminates that underlying rivalry.

I’m a huge believer in budgeting together. It works. My advice, Luke, is to listen to Dave Ramsey’s podcast. He is one of my main heroes.

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