Take wife to work events? (009-Q4-Robinhood)

Robinhood writes, “I have a demanding career. I’m away from home often, traveling to conventions, etc. Also, my work sponsors many team-building activities, such as golf outings and picnics. My wife wants to come along, but most of the other wives don’t go. What are your thoughts? I don’t have a lot of time outside of work.

Answer (From Podcast Episode 009):

Robinhood, I’d say take your wife to as many work conventions and/or outings as you can.

Several important points must be negotiated and agreed to first, I would say, since your work is your livelihood. But it’s less important (or it should be) than your relationship with your wife.

It sounds to me like your work is serious. That’s fine. Your wife would have to agree not to let her presence be a problem. For example, she’d better not get you fired.

That being said, many guys mistakenly put their careers ahead of their wives. Don’t do that. Treat your wife with love and respect, always. Keep her on a pedestal, even around your co-workers. You’ll have no problems as long as your own mindset about her is respectful.

And so I say, take her along whenever you can—and make it work! You’re work (and hers) is a great interest to share.

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