Wife changed interests over the years? (009-Q3-Roberto)

Roberto says, “Over the years, my wife has changed. She used to do things I enjoyed. But now, she refuses. How can I get my true love back?

Answer (From Podcast Episode 009):

Roberto, I’m guessing your concept of true love included her being perfect because she shared your interests. Furthermore, she did it with a smile. You can get your true love back—I wholeheartedly believe this—by looking for her smile.

She no longer enjoys, for example, hanging around the tailgate of your truck while you changed the oil. At one point in her life, she was honestly happy to do that. She wasn’t trying to con you, most likely. She legitimately enjoyed just being around you. Well, that was great.

But over time, the years change us. We no longer get a thrill the same way we used to. In time, our natural interests begin to take a firmer hold.

But you can find things to do together as long as you are willing to drop the expectation that you can just keep doing the same old thing. Explore some new things. Work with your wife to explore some new interests, so you can get out of your same old ruts. That way you can find the smile, from what you’re calling true love.

Give it a shot. Don’t give up.

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