Wife constantly on social media? (001-Q1-Rocky)

Rocky asks, “My wife is constantly on social media. She gives more attention to people who she is acquainted with than to me. We’ve been married for 15 years. Any suggestions how to cure her addiction? I’ve tried different things, but nothing seems to stick.”

Answer (From Podcast Episode 001):

Rocky, you’re not alone. Rest assured in that. Social Media has taken over, at least that’s how it seems to me. I think it’s a temporary thing, to a large degree. Personally, I remember the days before the internet even existed, and people actually had to talk to each other, rather than stick their noses into their screens. But I’ve seen married guys doing the same thing. It works both ways.

Actually, I find myself picking up my phone to check social media more than I would have thought. The companies are very good at luring you in. You get notifications daily, and it’s like candy. But okay, that’s not what we care about here.

I would suggest you learn to live with the reality of our modern world, at least to some degree. I don’t see social media going away. Furthermore, women are social by nature, and so they take to Facebook like ducks to water. I don’t see that that’s a fault of your particular wife. She’s a wonderful woman. She’s not a man. You need to embrace the truth. Cut her some slack. Let her have some social time with her friends. But here is my suggestion to minimize it… Do something with her. Okay? Do something with her. Take a walk. Cook dinner together. Watch a movie. Ask her about her day. Make love to her. Romance her. I mean, if you’re less interesting than Facebook, whose fault is that? Of course, you could “accidentally” drop her phone in the toilet. That might slow Facebook down, but I doubt it. Facebook would probably still send out notifications from the toilet. I’m kidding. If you’re just frustrated because she seems to be wasting her time on acquaintances, you might want to try, first of all, relaxing about it, and secondly, try doing something with her. She’s not going out to bars meeting acquaintances there. She’s staying home with you. Women used to look at magazines to pass the time. Now they scroll social media. It’s not the end of the world. So keep your chin up, Rocky. Thank you for the question.

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