Wife needs to talk? (005-Q2-Bill)

Bill asks, “How do I tolerate my wife’s constant need to talk? I work all day. I’m tired afterwards. I just want to watch T.V. and chill out.”

Answer (From Podcast Episode 005):

Bill, I would say that you’re entitled to some relaxation time, maybe some time alone after work. However, you could try being available to your wife for talking at a different time when you are more mentally fresh. If after work doesn’t seem to work for you, how about in the mornings.

If you have low tolerance for talking, in general, no matter what the time, I’d say you should try working on that. Furthermore, being a good listener is part of the Wise Married Man’s way, so practice it more often.

Since you’re asking me, I’m going to tell you you might have to turn off the T.V. and give her some time to talk, and that way she knows that you’re trying. You really can’t watch T.V. and listen to your wife at the same time. And it’s more important that you listen to her talk. But then ask if she minds if you watch a bit of T.V. without talking. Maybe after you’ve listened to her talk, you can watch some T.V. She’ll probably agree to that.

Thanks for the question, Bill.

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