Wife sleeping in spare bedroom? (005-Q1-Curtis)

Curtis asks, “My wife has been sleeping in the spare bedroom. We haven’t gotten along well lately, but I’d like to figure out how to get her back into the bed. I think that’s best for our relationship. Any ideas?”

Answer (From Podcast Episode 005):

Yes, Curtis, I have ideas. You’ll need to figure out why she is not happy sleeping with you. You’ve done something to annoy her, or she has some other problem that needs to be dealt with.

You can hardly expect her to come back to the bed until she feels better about your relationship.

You’ll need to listen to her words, and to hear what she’s saying. I’m guessing you know her issue, and there’s no easy way around addressing it.

As far as whether or not sleeping in the same bed is best for your relationship, I don’t know. Sometimes, sleeping in the spare bedroom, or on the couch, is the only way to get any peaceful slumber.

In my observation, a wife who prefers to sleep on the couch, or in the other bedroom, has a real issue with you. You’re going to have to solve that, I’m afraid.

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