Wife think you’re a hero? (004-Q2-Reuben)

Reuben wonders, “What’s the secret to making your wife think you are a hero?”

Answer (From Podcast Episode 004):

Reuben, you have to give her what she wants. Not everything she wants, but the little things. Most women like the standard heroic gestures, such as opening the door for her, carrying in the heavy groceries, telling her she’s beautiful, telling her you like her outfit, and that sort of thing.

I recommend that you pay attention to the romantic movies she likes to watch. Those Hollywood studs in the romantic movies usually say and do all the right things to win hero status from their love interest.

Being a gentleman is a good plan. Have fun with it. Treat your wife as a hero would. Pay attention to her, and learn what makes a hero in her eyes. Then you can work on giving her that.

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