Wife undermines your enthusiasm? (011-Q1-Jerry)

Jerry asks, “What if my wife doesn’t think I’m very wise? I told her that I listen to this podcast and she laughed. Kind of undermines my enthusiasm to try. What should I do?”

Answer (From Podcast Episode 011):

Jerry, don’t worry about it. I’m sure your wife will respond positively by the fact of your improvement as a husband. If you’re trying hard and valuing marriage, she’s bound to notice. And it’s hard to laugh in the face of success, so aim for that.

You want a good marriage, and I’m guessing that gels with her goals too.

Maybe she thinks you won’t improve, but you can prove her wrong. She might then take steps toward improving herself as well. For example, she may quit laughing at your attempts to better the marriage. Good luck. Keep trying Jerry. Winners never quit, they say. So true here.

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